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Product leader in Stainless Steel Balustrades
Steel Image situated in Nelspruit,Middelburg,Ermelo and Witbank specialises in the fabrication, design and installation of stainless steel balustrades. Stainless Steel balustrade designs in various ranges of stainless, glass and wood products and a variety of staircases.

Lee Badenhorst with his dedicated team of installation technicians, workshop staff, draftsman, sales team, and administration staff all in place to make the client’s experience worthwhile and satisfying.

Welcome to the leaders in Stainless Steel Balustrades and glass railings.

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World class professionals in balustrades and staircases, and leading professionals in glass. Specialising in the creation, design and installation of balustrades and staircases, Steel Image takes great pride in the work that is produced. With 10 years of experience, Steel Image has built up a strong reputation and has been involved in a number of high profile design projects for a variety of well-known buildings in Nelspruit including the Ilanga Mall, the Lowveld Day Hospital, the Ehlanzeni District Municipality and the Emnotweni Casino. Glass balustrades and steel balustrades are two of the most popular professional design services that we offer. Because the design of balustrades that we specialise in manufacturing are made in a number of materials, it allows us to create glass balustrades, stainless steel balustrades and wood balustrades. Steel Image is committed to creating balustrades and staircases that will stand the test of time and that are made of only the highest quality materials. Steel Image is committed to innovation, development and growth in order to provide clients with the best possible products that will fit into the design of any project, whether private or public. Client satisfaction is important and when taking on a new project, the team at Steel Image will work alongside the client to ensure that the specifications and needs of the client are met.
Steel Image is made up of a team of draughtsmen, installation technicians and workshop staff along with a professional administrative team and sales team. The company is directed by Lee Badenhorst who is responsible for making sure that the ship sails smoothly. Nelspruit is not the only town in which the products of Steel Image can be found. Steel Image stainless steel balustrades and glass balustrades, glass handrails, impact tested glass balustrades, handrails and rails among other products, are available in the towns of Ermelo, Dullstroom and Pretoria and balustrades and staircases are also available for projects in Mozambique. Balustrades are defined as a row of many balusters, which are posts that are designed to be able to support the upper part of a railing, the balusters are placed between the bottom rail and the top rail. They are found on staircases as well as around swimming pools and on the edges of balconies. Stainless steel balustrades and glass balustrades are not only designed to provide a great amount of support but they are also designed to be a beautiful ornamental piece that is able to add that extra touch of beauty and style to any home or building. Balustrades can be modern or they can be designed to be an elegant reflection of the vintage style that played a big role in the early 1900’s. Steel Image is able to take balustrades to the next level by creating glass balustrades. See through glass balustrades are made from impacted tested glass. Impact tested glass handrails and impact tests glass rails are designer quality products that can change the way a building looks. Each glass balustrade and each glass handrail is child friendly, the glass is not only impact tested glass but it is also a safety glass. Professionals in glass It is not only high quality glass balustrades that Steel Image is known for producing, Steel Image is also known for producing glass walkways, glass staircases and glass balconies. Steel Image uses glass that is SANS approved and Steel Image follows the regulations laid down by the SANS. Plain see through glass balustrades and glass staircases are able to give a building an air of sophistication while glass with a touch of colour in it is able to brighten up a building and give it a quality that is going to get people talking. Coloured glass balustrades, rails and handrails are also available, giving your building or home an interesting twist. Let Steel Image show you why we are known as professionals in glass by considering a coloured glass feature for your building. Steel Image are experts in glass because after 10 years in glass product design and manufacture, Steel Image has been able to perfect the art of working with glass. Glass designs don’t only include glass balustrades, glass pool fences and glass staircases. Glass designs also include the design and manufacture of gorgeous glass and wooden tables for those who are looking for furniture with a twist.
Glass pool enclosures and fencing: Style and safety for your swimming pool The safety features that surround a swimming pool don’t have to be outdated. The days of rusting pool fencing is in the past. Glass pool enclosures are able to give any swimming pool area an air of sophistication and with impact tested glass the enclosure will be able to withstand all of the impacts that the environment is able to throw at it. Glass pool enclosures will surround and cover your swimming pool, with a glass roof and glass walls. The pool enclosures are child friendly. The glass pool fencing gives the traditional pool fencing a unique twist. The fencing consists of frameless glass that is held together by a few steel clips and is planted into the ground. The glass pool fencing is made with impact tested safety glass. The strong glass is able to protect people and animals from falling into the swimming pool and getting hurt. Pool steps and pool rails created from stainless steel prevent rust from forming and Steel Image is able to create these ideal pool features for any pool. Striving to be eco-friendly by using stainless steel eco-friendly materials Every product that is produced by Steel Image is made with a commitment to environmental sustainability. At Steel Image we believe in working towards creating stainless steel eco-friendly products that are 100% recyclable. As a leader in the creation of balustrades and as professionals in glass, Steel Image recognises the importance of being a company that is able to lead by example. The team at Steel Image continuously works towards the creation of products that are going to be even more eco-friendly and the company as a whole aims to leave a smaller carbon footprint.